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International & Digital Entrepreneurship Network

 I-D.E.N covers all aspects of entrepreneuship from an international and digital perspective. This network is free and open to all who wish to share their international and digital know-how with each other. We are based in Ikast and we meet  once a month either online or at the International School Ikast-Brande, Bøgildvej 2. We also propose a 1-to-1 digital mentor program as well as business consulting services.

Find out below about what we can offer.

Digital knowledge available for all entrepreneurs.

We believe in sharing digital knowledges in order to grow as an entrepreneur and digital mind.

Together - we stand stronger.

Our members come from different countries and backgrounds which is enriching our ability to comprehend the cutlural, social and economic world around us.

Building international digital bridges.

We are meeting at the International School in Ikast which is a cross roads between many different cultures. We aim at building bridges between these different cultures.

Features & Benefits

We help each other growing digital and international projects.

Where to meet us?

We meet once a month in Ikast.

I-D.E.N meets in Ikast at the International School Ikast-Brand, Bøgildvej 2. Coffee and cake will be served :)

Entrepreneurial Projects

We share digital know-how and solve individual entrepreneurial projects.

In each network meeting, we will share digital know-how between our members and we will help solve specific international and digital projects.

As we cover the whole supply chain management, we will address everything from production to freight partner, shop and logistic platforms, digital marketing, reporting tools, eco-responsible certifications and much more.

Are you thinking about starting your own digital business full-time or in your personal time?

Then you are at the right place: International & Digital Entrepreneurship Network I-D.E.N aims to share digital knowledege, know-how and best pratices with each other in order to help you succeed in your digital business. We cover the whole supply chain management from an international and digital perspective.

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