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Features & Benefits

We help each other grow digital and international projects.

Digital knowledge available

for all entrepreneurs.

We believe in sharing digital knowledge and helping each other solving digital challenges. An idea is the first step towards realising your own start-up project. I.D.E.N helps making this idea a reality.

Building international digital


The digital world is still growing at a fast rate. It is more complex and more international than ever before. I.D.E.N is deeply rooted within the international community which offers a unique opportunity to share a global digital know-how.

Together - we stand stronger.

We believe that different business and cultural view is a big plus for all international digital businesses. I.D.E.N is built around the idea that a global international digital community  can help find most of the answers that young starts-ups are seeking. Together, we stand stronger.

We help solve specific

international & digital projects.

We have an open-source approach that allows I.D.E.N, as a network, to solve specific international and digital projects. Both partially and as a whole. The goal is for everybody to offer something in helping solve a specific case.

We cover the whole supply

chain management.

All international and digital business related questions are welcome as we cover the whole supply chain. Our members defines our agenda from one I.D.E.N network session to the next. 

Hygge among digital minds.

Hygge is very important for I.D.E.N. Both new comers and established members are always welcome to come and spend time with us.

Thinking about starting your own digital business full-time or in your personal time?

Then you are at the right place: International & Digital Entrepreneurship Network I.D.E.N aims to share digital knowledge, know-how and best pratice with each other in order to help you succeed in your digital business. We cover the whole supply chain management from an international and digital perspective.

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